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Check where I'm at with weed - self quiz

Here's a private way to check yourself out — or a friend. This is an anonymous online survey.

The questions in this quiz have been checked out by young people, as well as health workers who see youth all the time about their marijuana use. The results can give you a real lead to where you are with weed.

Quiz — check only one answer per question

Please answer all the questions or the results won't give you anything useful.

The questions are in three parts:
a) when and where you use;
b) how you act when you use;
c) ways you avoid harm when using;

It will also tell you if you're in The Circle. Please check only one response per question.

When and where you use
* 1. When do you use?
* 2. When do you use more? When...
* 3. How often does weed lead to more serious problems like, you can't stay awake in class, or you have trouble sleeping at night without a joint?
* 4. How often does weed get in the way of your day-to-day activities like getting to class on time, taking care of household responsibilities, making appointments?
* 5. Do you use
* 6. When do you have it around?

About 20% ... have to type this in
Take the quiz
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